Group dinner



(for groups over 20)



Ribollita soup

Rocket, ricotta, nutmeg, candied walnuts, beetroot, balsamic

Steamed mussels, white wine, garlic butter, flat leaf parsley

Beef meatballs, spicy arrabiata, mozzarella, basil

Salami, prosciutto, grilled courgettes, caponata & toasted ciabatta


Slow cooked shank of lamb, red wine, honey, carrot, parsnips, champ potato

Fillet of hake, mussels, sun dried tomatoes, potato, lemon, basil broth

Chicken supreme, caramelized onion marsala, crushed potatoes

Lobster, prawn & crab ravioli, cream, garlic, nutmeg

Penne, slow cooked tomatoes, aubergine, ricotta, basil


Chocolate, amaretto mousse


Poached pear, raspberry chantilly baileys cream

45e per person + 12.5% service charge