Lunch Special –  Toasted Panini & Soup €12.50

il Posto Italian Lunch Menu


Beef meatballs, tomato sauce, parmesan

Mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, basil oil

Chicken, roast peppers, garlic mayo pesto



Today’s soup 6.00
Mushroom, tomato, rocket bruschetta 6.50
Steamed mussels, white wine, flat leaf parsley, lemon
small 8.00 large 12.00
Beef meatballs arrabiatta fresh basil, mozzarella
small 8.00 large 12.50 with spaghetti

Prosciutto, salami, caponata 8.00

Pasta e Risotto

Linguine, lemon sauteed mussels, chilli, white wine, garlic 12.50
‘Il Posto’ penne carbonara 13.50
Spaghetti Bolognese 12.50
Penne, slow cooked tomato, aubergine, ricotta, nutmeg, basil 12.50
Fusilli, chicken, tomato, spinach, mushrooms, garlic 12.50
Spinach, chive & pea risotto 12.50


Pan fried breast of chicken, mixed leaves, pecorino, Il Posto Ceasar dressing 12.00

Seatrout fillet, baby leaves, fennel & orange, balsamic vinaigrette 13.50


Pesce e Carne 

Seatrout fillet, wholegrain mustard crust, pea, parsley risotto 14.00

Baked chicken breast, marsala, tomato, raisins, flat leaf parsley, new potatoes 14.00

Lamb’s liver, caramelised onions, red wine, basil mash 14.00

Steak sandwich, sauteed onions, rocket, garlic mayo, fries 14.00


Served Monday – Friday 12-2.30pm

Saturday 12.30-3.30pm