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Il Posto Restaurant review

Il Posto is a cozy little Italian restaurant located just off Grafton Street. Preceded by narrow steps that lead to it’s underground location (like many, if not all other restaurants along Stephen’s Green) Il Posto is the only one that has parasols and outdoor seating for alfresco dining.


Il Posto Italian Restaurant Dublin

“It would not take much to make this the best Italian restaurant in Dublin and, on reflection, it may be that already.”
– Sunday Times, 20 October.

“From the “starters” I stepped in early to secure the beef meatballs “arrabiatta” These came in opulent, nicely savoury tomato sauce enhanced with torn basil leaves and mozzarella. TLC’s mushroom and Gorgonzola layer, of which I was permitted a taste, was a pluperfect example of “less is more”. Two contrasting ingredients – flat juicy portobellos and pungent, ripe blue cheese- combining to make a satisfying whole. Simple and so “Italian.”

“We asked for a sharing portion of linguine with prawns and mussels in chilli, white wine and garlic, it was truly a simpatico dish, with fine springy prawns and sweet mussels, their flavours counterpointed by the garlic and chilli and, at the bottom of the bowl, a tasty broth which we mopped up with bread.”

“Baked fillet of hake with basil crust, spinach and cream dill sauce was another minor triumph.  Compliments to the chef who got the cooking of the fish spot-on.”

“The baked lemon pot with biscotti and a mango sorbet proved the enlivened we were looking for.”

“The standard of cooking is high and incorporates an understanding of and a fidelity to the culinary traditions of the long legged peninsular superior to that of any other restaurant that trumpet their Italianate credentials more highly.”

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Dublin is not short of Italian Restaurants, let’s face it. There are a lot of casual Italian eateries around the town. However, this is a bit different, its a more upmarket establishment but affordably priced and the food is excellent. Its located on St Stephen’s Green.

Review by Susan J Caldwell

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‘Bocelli sings the praises of Il Posto’

The Irish Independent, Weekend Review, Sat 10 November 2012

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‘Fundraiser for the Jack and Jill Foundation at Il Posto restaurant’

Irish Times, Weekend Review, Sat 6 April 2013


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VIP Magazine, Issue 187, 21 May 2013

VIP Magazine

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Tripadvisor reviews

‘A great find, really good Italian food’
‘Loved this lively little restaurant, great atmosphere, staff & food’
‘Excellent Italian dinner just like back in New York, definitely a must’
‘Consistantly great, gem of an eatery’
‘Our favourite place to eat in Dublin’
‘A place to keep returning to’
‘Really tasty Italian food, buzzy atmosphere, great service’
‘Magnificent & unique dishes served with a genuine smile’
‘An Italian haven in central Dublin’
‘What a gem! great food, fantastic atmosphere & friendly service’

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The Irish Mail on Sunday

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«The atmosphere in Il Posto cosy, just the place for a romantic dinner. Mussels, which came in a garlic and white wine sauce and were perfection… light but delicious sauce. Number of returning visitors, tourist many of them, who were turning up with huge smiles on their faces. Early bird menu: you will get a meal that doesn’t skimp on quality and doesn’t cost the earth. On a sunny day, a table outside Il Posto looking across at St Stephens Green is definitely to be coveted. There’s a good value lunch menu an early bird, too, so you get to see Dublin in its lunch time madness or as it is winding down after another day of frantic industry. No one’s ever claimed that Dublin can match Paris for al fresco dining, but outside Il Posto at 7 pm on a summer’s evening, it does its best. The food is Italian, the wine from all over. Meatballs with Chianti never tasted so good.»

Bridgestone Guide

«The atmosphere is relaxed and it’s a great place to catch up with friends over a long dinner or lunch. The food is a mix of traditional & contemporary Italian cooking. The wine list has an extensive range of Italian wines, including the well known greats and some lesser known gems.»

TASTE, Sunday Tribune

«No one’s ever claimed that Dublin can match Paris for al fresco dining, but outside Il Posto at 7 pm on a summer’s evening, it does its best.»

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