4 Italian Traditions You May Not Know

Every nation loves a good bite to eat – but perhaps none more so than Italy. With a rich culinary history dating all the way back to the Roman Empire, the country has crafted a culture that boasts a wide range of delicious snacks and meals. Along the way, the country has also bred a few traditions that are like no others around. Here are four elements that you may not already know about.

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It’s all about lunch

First of all, the Italians really love food. In fact, they love food morning, noon and night. But most of all, they adore lunch. Lunch is their main meal of the day in most cases. It typically begins at around 12pm and lasts until around 2pm. In some cases, it can even last a lot longer.

Don’t forget the snacks

Like many cultures, the Italians appreciate a good breakfast. But in between they don’t enjoy waiting around for their next bite to eat. Because of this they tend to have two designated snack times. The first – known as spuntini – occurs in the mid-morning. Later on they will also enjoy merende, which is the mid-afternoon snack.

The more the merrier

Italians don’t like to eat alone, especially when they can chow down alongside their nearest and dearest. Most Italian families will gather together a few times each week and more often than not they will make a point of eating with each other on Sundays. The grandmothers – the matriarchs of the family – will usually host the festivities and do the majority of the cooking.

They use local products

Where possible, Italians will use locally-sourced products. They don’t necessarily want to buy from outside the region and will go for what has been sourced from nearby. Because of this, they rely on food that can easily be grown and produced in Italy, such as cheese, olives and egg plants. Let’s not forget about olive oil, either.

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